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  • Curing Compound R75, R90 & R90AL
  • Curing Compound R75, R90 & R90AL

Construction Chemicals

Curing Compound R75, R90 & R90AL

Resin based compounds to protect freshly placed concrete from excessive water loss during the critical curing period. They give a curing efficiency of not less than 75% (R75) or 90% (R90). Both can be supplied clear or with a fugitive dye to assist in application.
Curing compound will disperse within a few weeks of concrete lay by general weathering.

Code Drum Size
CR75/25 25 litre
CR75/205 205 litre
CR90/25 25 litre
CR90/205 205 litre
CR90/25(AL) 25 litre
CR90/205(AL) 205 litre

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