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  • Reinforcement Bar

    Reinforcement Bar

    Reinforcement Bar can now be supplied in three grades; B500A, B500B and B500C all conforming to BS4449; 2005. Stock length bar can be supplied in 6m and 12m straight lengths.
  • Reinforcement Mesh

    Reinforcement Mesh

    Fabric is manufactured to BS4483, from cold reduced wire which complies with BS4482. Ribbed wire classified as Type 2 and recognised in BS8110 as having improved bond characteristics.
  • Prefabricated Reinforcement

    Prefabricated Reinforcement

    Bespoke prefabricated reinforcement to meet requirements, all produced off-site and delivered assembled ready for immediate positioning on site.
  • Steel Reinforcement Spacers & Accessories

    Steel Reinforcement Spacers & Accessories

    Circular Mesh Spacers, Deckchairs, Concrete Block Spacers, Concrete Mesh Block Spacers, Concrete Square Spacer Bars, Pile Cage Spacers...
  • Specialist & Stainless Steel Reinforcment

    Specialist & Stainless Steel Reinforcment

    A wide range of specialist products: Corrugated Beam Form, Pile Caps, Kwikastrip®, Stainless Steel Welded Mesh, Stainless Steel Reinforcing Bar...
  • Land Reinforcement Products

    Land Reinforcement Products

    Gabion boxes/mattresses are manufactured from 75mm welded mesh. The mesh centres are 3”x3” and wire diameter 3mm, 4mm or 5mm.
  • Construction Formwork Products

    Construction Formwork Products

    A wide range of construction formwork products: formwork tape, grout check foam tape, formwork tie/clamp systems, angle fillets & Hy-Rib®.
  • Stanchion Base Products

    Stanchion Base Products

    We supply a range of Stanchion Base Products: Holding Down Bolts, Cardboard Bolt Boxes, Polystyrene Bolt Boxes & Expanded Metal Bolt Boxes.
  • Construction Slab Accessories

    Construction Slab Accessories

    Dowel Bars, High Yield bars, Dowel Bar Sleeves, Dowel Bar Caps, Debonding Compound, Dowel Bar Cages, Tying Wire, Loop End Tying Wire...
  • Construction Chemicals

    Construction Chemicals

    Non-Shrink Grout, Mould Oil Release Agent, Chemical Release Agent, Curing Compound R75, R90 & R90AL, Silicate Curing Compound & Sprayers.

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