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  • Roe Group Management System Certification.
  • Roe Group Management System Certification.

Roe Group Management System Certification.

The Roe Group operates a Quality System that complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 2015, Health and Safety to 45001, Environmental Management System Certification BS EN ISO 14001 2015, Sustainability and BES6001 and the relevant CARES Quality and Operations Assessment Schedules.

The Roe Group – Roe  Bros & Co. Limited & North West Steel Limited
Supplier of steel reinforcement related accessories and specialist construction products.
  • Processing of steel reinforcement to BS 8666 and BS 4466
  • Stocking and distribution of BS 4449, BS 4482 and BS 4483

  • Application of Erico Lenton Taper Thread standard (A12 ) and positional (P13 and 14) mechanical couplers to CARES Appendix TA1-B: BS 4449 B500C, size range 12 to 40mm and BS 4449 B500B and B500C size range 12 to 40mm.


The Roe Group ensures we meet all relevant ISO standards, British Standards, CARES and statutory legislation and regulatory requirements in respect of the supply of steel, mesh and associated products.


To view individual CARES Certificates of Conformity please that you wish to download please see our 'CREDENTIALS' section under certification - Thankyou.


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